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West of England Councils launch ‘Rent with Confidence’ . . with a little help from Jubilee Let’s Carla Peters!

  • July 18, 2017

For several years now, in addition to being a director of Jubilee Lets, Carla has also been Chair of the Bristol Association of Letting and Managing Agents.  BALMA’s members come from the many independent Letting & Managing Agents in and around Bristol.

Carla was surprised that her role came with a seat on the ‘West of England Landlord Panel’ along with the Private Rented Sector representatives of the Housing Departments of the Local Councils in the region. Over the last few years, Carla has also sat on the Panel’s sub-committee developing a rental standard to be called the ‘West of England Rental Scheme’ similar to the ‘London Rental Standard’.

The aim of the scheme was to set a standard of best practice for Landlords and Letting Agents.  However, to bring more balance to the standard, Carla suggested the inclusion of a section on Tenants’ responsibilities and our draft amendments were adopted into the final rental standard document which has now been launched as ‘Rent with Confidence’.

In her part of the launch press release, Carla said . .

‘BALMA,  The Bristol Association and Letting and Management Agents, representing professional Agencies in the Private Rented Sector, is pleased to have been a part of drafting the ‘Rent with Confidence’ initiative.  BALMA has been established for over 25 years, has a high standard of self regulation and encourages members to continually improve their offer to Landlords and Tenants alike.  We believe that all professional parties in the Private Rented Sector need to adopt best practice. Furthermore, both Landlords and Tenants need to understand their respective responsibilities.  We trust that the Rent with Confidence scheme will assist with this process.’

Whilst the launch of ‘Rent with Confidence’ marks the completion of one project, no doubt Carla will be kept busy by the many changes taking place in the Private Rented Sector nowadays.  This is good because it all helps to keep Jubilee Lets up to speed with all that’s happening!

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