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Very important webinar for Landlords – Income from Property – HMRC explain the basics

  • July 21, 2017

OK, this might not seem like the most exciting subject but with so many tax changes taking place that particularly affect Landlords and their income, this webinar being held by HMRC next Wednesday may nevertheless be very important.

This is HMRC’s introduction to the webinar:

An overview for landlords

If you have income from property, HMRC has online support designed specifically for you.

Income from property for individuals

Aimed at new landlords and as a refresher for existing landlords, this live webinar provides basic guidance including the different types of property income, allowable deductions, expenses and record keeping.

Wednesday 26 July – 1.30pm to 2.30pm                       

>> Book your place here 

For more information, you might also like our interactive online guide, ‘Letting out property’, which you can refer to at any time.

>> Download Letting out property here

You can book by clicking on the above link to the right of the date.  There is also a link to HMRC’s online guide, ‘Letting out Property’.

I receive regular emails about webinars from HMRC but they tend to be about payroll and statutory sick pay!  This one sounds much more interesting! As a result, I am grateful to one of our long-standing management Landlords, Brian, who sent HMRC’s email to me.

I’ve booked; hopefully see you there!


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