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Bristol Housing Market – not supersonic but flying high!

  • August 18, 2017

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a preview of Aerospace Bristol, the new museum at Filton housing one of the Concordes that was built just a few hundred yards away.

I actually felt quite emotional because this supersonic legend of the skies has been a part of Bristol for all of my life. As a young lad, accompanying my father who worked for the BBC, I had a ‘runway-side seat’ to see Concorde make her maiden flight. Years later, as a grown man, I was once again inside the airfield to see her make her retirement landing.

Bristol has had aviation in its blood for many years but it was Concorde that catapulted Bristol into the forefront of aviation development and spawned the huge British Aerospace (now Airbus) and Rolls-Royce factories that still dominate the north of the city.

Many businesses have grown on the back of Bristol aviation not least of which has been Jubilee Lets! Even today, we still have Rolls-Royce employees for whom we manage properties whilst they work all over the world. Workers at Airbus continue to be a main source of tenants for the numerous properties we manage in the area.

Of course, nowadays, it is not just aerospace that makes Bristol such a prosperous, lively and cosmopolitan city. It is now a thriving centre for banking, insurance, law and scientific and medical research. It is an excellent transport hub with major motorways giving good access to all parts of the country, major importing docks and a truly international airport.

Earlier in the year, Knight Frank reported that Bristol house prices were rising faster than London prices and ranked third across Europe behind Budapest and Oslo for house price growth. Yes, since then house price and rent rises may have slowed a little, reflecting the national trend but nevertheless, Bristol continues to remain strong.

As for Jubilee Lets, we are having one of the busiest Augusts we have had in years for lettings.
OK, we’re not supersonic like Concorde but we are certainly flying high!


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